Gosia Bartosik – Motherdogger


a series of drawings
with a greasy black crayon
on a white glossy paper a drawing quite fleshy, sculptural, strong

I am drawing about love
just it its not known what kind of love, who loves, or whom, if it is love at all?
these women, dogs, bitches, wolves and men that appear
all of these pupations and fusions that came to my mind at that certain moment, but however a doglike figure appears most often, because that doglike wolflike herdlike bitchy love
is the one that fascinates me the most so I performed a drawing vivisection on it –
by penetrating its purity, nobility, respect, closeness, fidelity, selflessness and devotion.
These drawings are at the same time a question about the presence of feelings in everyday life of us humans – in light of often pathogenic relationship between two people, in light of the way animals are treated, in light of biology and carnality.

Gosia Bartosik – born in 1986. Painter, drawer, graphic designer. Studied at University of Arts in Poznań at Painting and Graphic Department. She graduated in 2012. She persented her works in solo exhibitions (2017 “Obudziłam się dorosła”, Centrum Kultury ZAMEK, Poznań; 2016 „g. i b.”, Galeria Oficyna, Poznań; 2014, „Oto moja bajka”, Galeria Srebrny Hangar, Średnica; 2012 „Kultura wolnych ciał,” Galeria V9, Warszawa) and group exhibitions (2017 “I am still alive”, Galeria FWD, Poznań; 2015 „Niechcący”, BWA, Zielona Góra; 2015 „Dupa Diabła”, Galeria V9, Warszawa; 2012 „Obszary Rysunku”, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice). Gosia Bartosik is also street painter.

curator: Jagna Domżalska
opening: 4rd November 2017 6 PM
exhibition financed by the City of Zielona Góra
open till the 17th December 2017

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