Room in motion

Cristina Ferreira, Martyna Hadyńska
Room in motion

curators: Tomek Pawłowski, Aleksandra Polerowicz / Galeria Sandra

Fundacja Salony, ul. Fabryczna 13b, Zielona Góra
31 mai – 30 june 2019
opening: 31 mai at 6 PM
workshops: 1-2 june

Peace is not given us unconditionally. If you try to understand it as a relation between the people and groups in the society deprived of negative and destructive tensions, it requires continuous work on tolerance, acceptance of our dissimilarities and diversity. You still need to make peace and fight with the nationalistic games. It requires the gestures and negotiations of the principles. It needs to exercise the empathy, stretching the relations, it’s like the dance of political bodies.

We invite you to the exhibition and performative workshops prepared by Martyna Hadyńska and Cristina Ferreira, the artists cooperating with Sandra Gallery in Poznań. Mini gym in the gallery space will create a room of exercises and talks about the migrations, outsiders, diversity of perspectives and peace in the society of hostility.

1st June at 11 AM
Fundacja Salony, ul. Fabryczna 13b, Zielona Góra
Eurodance – workshops for migrants living in Zielona Góra
Run by Cristina Ferreira

Workshop run by Cristina Ferreira is a continuation of her performative research project „Foreign body”. The artist is focusing on the experiences of the migrants living in Poland. Workshops will be divided into two parts: dancing and talking. First part will be dedicated to the exploration of the body and choreographic improvisation to the Eurodance music. In the second part the artist will discuss with the participants problems, relations, needs and dreams of migrants living in Poland.

2nd June at 12 AM
Fundacja Salony, ul. Fabryczna 13b, Zielona Góra
Body-thinking – sensual politics – workshops
Run by Martyna Hadyńska

Could you imagine another politics based not on the diversities but the idea of similarity and engagement? Sequences of exercises proposed during the workshops will react on current social and political situation and such problems as: nationalism, hardening the boarders – inequality in the possibility of passing the boarders, division of the world into East and West, enmity and lack of trust to foreigners.

Exhibition is supported by the City of Zielona Góra.

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