Here you find us
ul. Fabryczna 13b
65-410 Zielona Góra

tel.: 48 608 600 403
fax.: 48 68 322 42 78

openning hours
mon-fr 10- 17
sat 12- 16
sun closed

our Mission:

We create platforms of understanding between visual arts and common life. We produce, support and distribute socially, historical and political engaged visual art practices.

our aims:

Making contemporary art understandable and accessible for inhabitants of Zielona Góra
Creating participatory project room for local communities and artists
Popularizing new ideas, theories and studies around contemporary art in Zielona Góra

Producing, promoting and distributing engaged art practices arising on the local ground in the Polish and foreign art scene
Supporting young artists and students of art
Supporting local initiatives which provide to contemporary culture development

Presenting and popularizing contemporary art by exhibitions, lectures, discussions and realization of local specified public space projects


Marta Gendera – CEO
Michał Rogoziński – vice CEO