Simone Ruess – Park

exhibition opening:  24.05 at 7 PM

meeting with Simone Ruess: 25.05 at 12 PM

place: BWA Zielona Góra, Al. Niepodległości 19, Zielona Góra

“Only after some time, after couple visits, it occurred to me that in the landscape one can recognize the park had been a cemetery once. I did not feel this ominous atmosphere during my first visit and it let me hope that the park can be visited without obligatory reference to its history. I understand, the arrangement of cascades in the park suggests its cemetery past but it is also related to other districts of Zielona Góra where similar cascades can be found along gardens and spaces between buildings.” – part of the interview with the artist, Park Tysiąclecia – Park Zmysłów, no.3/2012, p. 2

The exhibition of the German artist, who have lived in Warsaw for 4 years, is the conclusion of a 2-week observation she made during her residence in Zielona Góra as part of the project of social revitalisation of the Millennium Park – centrally located area of Zielona Góra.

Simone Ruess has graduated from Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart and she was awarded DAAD Programme and Cité Internationale des Arts Fellowship in Paris (2013). Her works were presented on numerous exhibitions in Studio Gallery and Le Guern in Warsaw. She is mainly concerned with public spaces and observing social function of architecture.

Organisation: BWA Zielona Góra, Fundacja Salony

The exhibition is part of the project “Millennium Park. Rehearsals, sketches, scenarios of the new public space.” The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Zielona Góra City Council finance the project.

Exhibition is open by 16th Jun 2013

Blätterdach, fot. Simone Ruess, Park Tysiąclecia, Mai 2012

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