Meet me at the park

Helmut & Johanna Kandl
exhibition + happening

28.09 19:00 hrs
Fundacja Salony, ul. Fabryczna 13b, Zielona Góra
Exhibition open till 18.11.

29.09. 12:00 hrs
happening in the Millenium Park

Non-separable component of the Austrian artists Helmut and Johanna Kandl’s work are their journeys that became an excuse of their thorough observation of visited places. The exhibition „Meet me at the Park” is an opportunity to get familiarised by their way of experiencing the world with its social, economical and political influences. In Kandl’s works the search of common denominator of processes across the Europe often stem from political experiences of communism and capitalism, however, their sensitivity towards particular countries and their heroes do not let them to generalise and copy stereotypes. Their art will not let one create or copy administrative boundaries strictly pointing that Western Europe and the East are complementary to each other.
The artists’ subtlety approach the history of places the work at. Usually they manage to rediscover histories already forgotten or pushed from collective memory and the way of their presentation give them a new, universal meaning. At the exhibition one may also find personal history of the artist’s garden remembered from her childhood that is retrieved by the direct contact with nature.

The visit of the artists in the Millennium Park in Zielona Góra resulted in the idea of colourful installation that will get out the park its potential and will use its characteristic features such as illuminated terraces located in different parts of the park. By artists the park need colours that will make us feel comfortable in it. The event is not only the installation but also interaction of the artists inviting to meet them in the park.
“Meet me at the park” is the happening, which encourages the citizens to make local societies in the Millennium Park, to start dialogue between different park users regardless the way they spend their time there. Every visitor of the park may feel as a member of the park society by taking one of the balloons home.

Organised by
The Salony Foundation, BWA Gallery Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra City Council
Cooperation: Austrian Culture Forum in Warsaw, Drukarnia Braci Dadyńskich
Project is supported from founds of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and financial support of Zielona Gora City Council and Austrian Culture Forum in Warsaw.

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